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God Bless America & All the Men & Women Who Protect Her!
"This page is primarily a photo album of some of my Sisters and Brothers of the Iron Horse who share a common interest in the Patriot Guard Riders and Abate."
Standing in honor of fallen USMC Cpl. Eric Lueken.
Me & my friend Tony T, waiting to ride in the Memorial
Parade for Cpl. Eric Lueken at Celestine, IN.
Sweetie getting ready for the Tech Sgt. Donald R.Hoskins mission at Madison, IN.
"Waddaya mean we can't park in here?!?!?"
Tony T and daughter, Sarah, at ABATE's "Big John's Run.
"Look Daddy!! I could ride this by myself!!"
Brother Ned (Dennis Alles) front and................back!!  (He gets lots of dates!!)
Uh........has anyone seen MY bike?!?
"Hey..........wait a minute....who's that with MY Sweetie?!?!?"
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